Industrial training that will improve your workforce

The industrial training that ITC Learning offers will further develop employees that are already operating in the industrial field. Because industrial training is one of the requirements to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering, this further shows the value of this type of training. The knowledge obtained in industrial training courses, enhances the work aptitude for any student, employee or future employee. Industrial Training is an essential element for any employee in the industrial field. It teaches and builds upon required practical and professional skills. Completing an industrial training program adds to your qualifications for prospective employment and increases the value of current employees. Everyone from student to current employees should make considerable effort and give sufficient thought to obtaining the most applicable and effective Industrial Training. With good industrial training programs, not only do you receive industrial skill training, but you also receive experience from a range of activities. For developing an awareness of general workplace behaviors as well as gaining interpersonal skills are important objectives of the industrial training.

We at ITC Learning offer the most advance Industrial course of DVD, CD-ROM, and eLearning formats. Each of our industrial courses have both Pre and Post testing for assessing the learner comprehension of the application and is capabilities. This shows where the leaner can have improvement as well as where the learner already improved. The Pre-test is a “Skills Gap Analysis Tool” that is designed to target the requirements of users with existing skills. This test helps tailor the lesson to meet the gaps in their knowledge of the subject. Molding to the learner and assisting them more in the areas they need the most attention. Our courses can be delivered on a single workstation, over a network or through your intranet to every desktop in your organization, or even to a home PC’s.